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stuart heap
Jan 17, 2021
I joined Harry and the Saturday afternoon golf group about 4 years ago and what a privilege it was to get to know him and Carol. It was about 6 months later that I found out that Harry had Parkinsons disease and I was incredibly impressed how he was fighting it, having some experience of the disease through my brother-in-law who succumbed to it last year. Harry was extremely regimented in his fight and on Saturdays you could set your watch by his routine. Tee off 1:47pm, bar by 3, meds at 4, golf most often at the Roosevelt exec course, which I think should be renamed after Harry for the time we spent there and the number of balls we donated to the course. Harry was the only man I ever played golf with that didn’t cuss. All around him the rest of us would be liberally dispensing those words when missing shots but not Harry. When he messed up he could always stop short of using a cuss word despite all of us urging him to. His favorite expression was ‘that’s safely in the bunker” when he or any of us landed in one, and him knowing full well we couldn’t get out easily. My wife and I loved getting together with Harry and Carol especially when food was involved. Harry once said he spent a lot of time in the kitchen, with the natural assumption being he was cooking until Carol told us he was cleaning up not cooking. Harry was a genuinely sincere and classy man who will be missed by all of us. I have tipped a few Yuenglings on his behalf and in his honor.

stuart heap

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